Mixmas time is here

DJ Riko - The Merriest Mixmas

Ten years ago at Christmas time, l decided that rather than send cards to friends and family, I would send a CD with some Christmas music on it. I put together a quick mix using songs that were favorites at the time, called it Merry Mixmas, burned a couple dozen CDs, and started sending them out. As an afterthought, I shared an mp3 of the mix with a small online community that I was part of. One of the people in that community was the host of the Back to the Basics radio show out of Hamburg, and much to my surprise, he decided to play the mix on his show.

The response was positive enough that I decided to make another mix the following year, and a tradition had officially begun. Each year I dig and dig to find new (old) songs and samples from TV shows or movies, sometimes adding some of my own creations, and each year I've found enough to put together a new mix.

To celebrate 10 years of Merry Mixmases, this year's collection features highlights from all the previous mixes, along with some new bits. I hope you'll agree that it's the Merriest Mixmas yet. Click the "Christmas" link above to find the listing of songs, along with the link to download it. If you'd rather just listen and be surprised, click on the picture of the band of santas above.


Help make the Merriest Mixmas ever

It may be hard to believe, but this year marks 10 years of Merry Mixmas mixes. To celebrate the occasion, I am putting together a mix that will feature the best songs of Mixmases past. You can help me make this the Merriest Mixmas ever by telling me which song or songs from past mixes you think should be included. I can't promise that I'll include every song that's suggested, but people's votes will definitely have some influence. You can send me your suggestions via email by clicking the "Contact" link above or, if you want to get social about it, by posting on my Facebook page, which is at http://www.facebook.com/deejayriko. And feel free to "like" me, if you like, while you're there.


Rhyme Time

DJ Riko - Rhyme Time

Hey, look - a new mix. It's called Rhyme Time and it's a collection of hip hop songs from the 1980s, plus one new DJ Riko mashup/remix that was done in an old-school style. Given the genre and era, you can be assured there is some foul and/or politically incorrect language, so don't listen if you're easily offended. The tracklist and download links are available in the Tunes section.


"Breaks all Night" redux

Got a new(ish) tune on the site. Years ago I did a quickie mashup of the Boomtown Rats' "Up All Night" with "Roughneck" by Sharaz to use in a mix for a radio show. I've finally gotten around to cleaning it up a bit, and the new version is now available as a standalone track in the Tunes section.


Facebook and Twitter

 Yes, we are inching our way into the 21st century here at djriko.com. You can now "like" or "follow" DJ Riko on Facebook or Twitter. You'll get exclusive content, most of it complete rubbish, through either one. Follow the links at the top of this page and get on board. And tell your friends! We'll be glad to have you.


Merry Mixmas 2010

Merry Mixmas 2010

Has it been another year already? Yes, Virginia, it has. The Merry Mixmas tradition continues with another collection of Christmas music you won't hear anywhere else, depending on where else you listen to music. Follow the "Christmas" link at the top of the page and you'll find the tracklist and download links. Ho ho ho.


Is there an Ecko in here?

Marc Ecko logo

There may not be an Ecko in here, but you'll find some of here in Ecko. We're happy to announce that Marc Ecko stores have hired DJ Riko to create exclusive mixes that customers can listen to while browsing the racks. You can hear the mixes at all Marc Ecko stores across the United States. More, and different, exclusive DJ Riko mixes can be heard at all of the Marc Ecko Cut & Sew locations in the U.S. as well. So if you find yourself shopping at a Marc Ecko or Cut & Sew store, feel free to enjoy the tunes.


Thump and Grind

Thump and Grind

Hey, look -- another full-length mix. It starts off with a new mashup that pits The Cars against the Ultramagnetic MCs and then moves on through a bit of current hip hop, pop and club stuff. It's got some explicit lyrics, so don't play it around your grandparents. You can see the tracklist and find download links on the Tunes page -- just scroll down to the to the "Longer mixes" section.


Tweaking in Tongues

Here's a new full-length mix for you. It features vocals and vocal samples in Spanish, Japanese, German, a made-up language, French, Farsi, Korean and more. And don't worry, there's plenty of English in there, too. You can see the tracklist and find download links on the Tunes page -- just scroll down to the to the "Longer mixes" section.



A bunch of DJ Riko mashups are now available as ringtones. Go here to get yours.


Gilding the Lily

This is the first "proper" non-Xmas mix I've done in two years, so forgive me for the exclamation point above. You can see the tracklist and find download links on the Tunes page -- just scroll down to the to the "Longer mixes" section.


U2 vs Groove Armada

New to the Tunes section is a mashup that was part of another project and now is available on its own. It features U2's "One" with Groove Armada's "Tuning In (Rewritten)"


San Diego gig

I'll be playing mashups at the Air Conditioned Lounge in San Diego on October 14 with the M*A*S*H Up Unit 619. Kipper, Kallao and Adam Gimbel will be spinning as well. It should be fun, so come out if you can. More info can be found at the night's MySpace page.


Bob Marley vs Justice

New to the Tunes section is a mashup using the vocals from Bob Marley's "Exodus" with music from Justice.


Run DMC mashup

New to the Tunes section is a mashup that puts Run DMC's "My Adidas" with Lack of Afro's "Roderigo." Two versions are available -- an "explicit" version that has a naughty word in it and a "clean" version you can play for your mom.


Reader ink

The San Diego Reader ran this item in its April 12, 2007 edition.


San Diego gig

I'll be playing mashups at the San Diego Sports Club on April 7 as part of a new mashup night, M*A*S*H Up Unit 619. There will be other DJs and live mashup band Cover Me Badd's Blasphemous Guitars on hand as well. It should be fun, so come out if you can. More info can be found at the night's MySpace page.


Merry Mixmas 2006

This year's Christmas music mix is now available. It features the usual decades-spanning combination of classic and offbeat Christmas tunes, as well as a special treat -- an exclusive new track by Amillionsons, done just for this mix. Their "Super Sharp Santa" is the best drum-and-bass Christmas song you'll ever hear and also features what just might be the best use of sleigh bells ever. It's a song that sounds better and better with each listen.

Special thanks to everyone who e-mailed me to ask if there was going to be a 2006 Mixmas or to tell stories about listening to Mixmases past. I really appreciate it.

To hear the mix, follow the links on the special Merry Mixmas Page.

Bootie To Go podcast mix

I've done a new mix of mostly mashups for the Bootie to Go podcast series. Details and download links are in the Tunes section.

Solid Steel mix

I've done an all-new 30-minute mix for the Solid Steel radio show and it's now available for download in the Tunes section.

A new forum, a new mix, a new space

There is now a DJ Riko forum, and to encourage you to join the discussion, or at least lurk, we've put an exclusive new mix there, for your downloading pleasure. The 70-minute mix is called "Music to Buy Furniture by" and you can find the download link, tracklist, cover art, and reason for the name in the forum. There also is now a DJ Riko MySpace page. Check it out, be my friend and all that.


Whistler's Delight single in third pressing

A third pressing of the 12-inch single featuring "Whistler's Delight" b/w "P-Funk is Playing at My House" is available now on Prank Monkey Records. It includes an updated version of "Whistler's Delight" featuring dozens of new samples. You can listen to streaming versions of both tracks through Prank Monkey's special page. Here is a partial list of stores that have stocked the record. Keep checking back for availability.

In the U.S., your best bet is the Cringe store.

Here are shops that serve the U.K. and elsewhere: Banquet Records, ,HMV,Tunes.co.uk,Rough Trade (listed under "Whistlers Delight" with no apostrophe),Amazon.co.uk.


A P-Funk here, a P-Funk there ...

"P-Funk is Playing at My House" has been playing in a number of houses lately. Both Annie Mac and Zane Lowe spun it on their respective shows on BBC's Radio 1 in January. Also, Web site Audio for Drinking put the song at No. 5 in its Top 50 tracks of 2005 list. Here's what their writer had to say: The original LCD Soundsystem was very good. This version is better because "I got the Mothership over at my house" so kicks ass over "a tour bus and van at my house." I mean it's the MOTHERSHIP!


No. 15 on the BBC's 'Festive Fifty'

Yes, it's true. "Whistler's Delight" made it on the BBC's annual Festive Fifty, a year-end countdown of the best songs of the year, as voted by listeners. The song landed at No. 15 in the list, and we couldn't be happier. The ranking comes after the track was played numerous times on Radio 1, on the One Music and Blue Room Shows. Big thanks to BBC DJs Huw Stephens and Rob Da Bank for playing it, and to everyone who voted for it.

The Festive Fifty was started about 30 years ago by legendary BBC DJ John Peel, and has continued after Peel's death in 2004.


Best of Bootie 2005 CD

DJ Riko's "P-Funk is Playing at My House," which features vocals by Katie Enlow and Gerald A., has been included in the newly released "Best of Bootie 2005" mix CD. The 20-track CD promotes the San Francisco-based Bootie, billed as the "first and biggest mash-up party in America." Bootie has been going on for a couple years as a monthly event and recently launched a monthly counterpart in Los Angeles. The CD, with accompanying cover art, can be downloaded at the Bootie Web site.


'My Chimney' gets radio play

DJ Riko's "My Chimney," a jollied-up take on the White Stripes' "My Doorbell," was featured in two special radio broadcasts recently. The song features Marcie on vocals and was part of "Merry Mixmas 2005."

DJ Paul V., the man behind the "Mashup of the Day" and "Smash Mix" on Indie 103 in Los Angeles featured the track in his "Merry Christ-Smash Mix," which aired Dec. 23. The mix can be downloaded, at least for now, through this link.

Meanwhile, Party Ben of San Francisco's Live 105 FM feautred "My Chimney" and other tracks from past and present "Merry Mixmas" installments on his Dec. 23 Sixx Mixx.


Mixmas 2005 a ho-ho-hot item

If you tried visiting this site in mid-December and saw nothing but a "Bandwidth Exceeded" message, you can blame Merry Mixmas 2005. The mix was the most popular in the Merry Mixmas series -- by a longshot. More than 12,000 people downloaded it in the first 10 hours after it was released, thanks in large part to the mix being blogged on the mega-popular boingboing.net. The downloades pushed the site miles beyond my monthly bandwidth limit, and it took much begging and pleading, and some cash, to get the hosting company to put the site back online. Torrents of the file still were circulating, and Juxtaposeur Pete graciously volunteered to host the mix on his site. In all, more than 20,000 people downloaded the mix. Ho ho ho indeed.



New mashup - Stand Up and Ring My Doorbell

New to the Tunes section is "Stand Up and Ring My Doorbell," a mashup of Ludacris - Stand Up and the White Stripes - My Doorbell.

Columbus show

I played tunes before, between and after the bands at this show. The highlight for me definitely was the live version of "P-Funk is Playing at My House" sung by Gerald A. himself. Below is a photo of the two of us after his excellent performance.



'London Booted' vinyl release

Prank Monkey Records has issued a double vinyl release of London Booted, which features 19 different people remixing the 19 tracks on The Clash's classic London Calling album. Included is my mashup of "Clampdown" with Fatboy Slim's "Build 'em up, Tear 'em Down." The cover art was done by Phuegoo and the whole package is very nice. The records sound great, too. Copies are extremely limited (this run is only 450, although they hope to run off more) and all profits will go to The Breast Cancer Campaign and Strummerville, the foundation for new music set up in the memory of the late, great Clash frontman Joe Strummer.